Weekly services at 9 & 10:30AM
full kids programming ages birth-5th grade during all services

cokato elementary school
200 5th St SW, Cokato, MN 55321


Why the Dassel-Cokato Area?

Cornerstone Church has decided to embrace multi-site as a multiplication strategy for ministry in our area. Multi-site means that we intend to be one church meeting in multiple locations. Multi-site is not the ultimate purpose – a growing relationship with Jesus Christ is! It is our desire to help as many people know God as quickly as possible. We have a sense of gospel urgency. This reflects God’s desire that all know Him.

In opening a 2nd site, the general consensus of churches who have done this before is to put a site wherever they have the greatest number of people driving the farthest. Together, the Dassel-Cokato community represents over 75 Cornerstone families. 30,000 people live within a 13-mile radius of Cokato. Only 1,700 of those attend an evangelical worship service on any given week. That’s less than 6%. We can conservatively estimate that at least 26,000 people within 13 miles of Cokato do not attend worship and likely do not know God.

Why Multi-Site?

  • Our communities need it. 80,000 people live in the “reach area” (22 mile radius) of Cornerstone. On any given Sunday, only 9 to 11 thousand of them are in church. (Romans 10:13-15)

  • It is on us! 94% of churches are losing ground against the population growth of their communities. We are bucking this trend and want to invest in the broader Kingdom by multiplying what is happening in our church family through new locations. (Matthew 16:18; Luke 12:48)

  • Nothing reaches new people like new sites. The Cornerstone family values relentless growth. Because, healthy churches grow. We seek to continually grow as individuals and as a church. If we’re growing, then more people are experiencing a relationship with Christ. A recent study of multi-site by the Leadership Network shows that new multi-sites reach new Christ-followers at a faster rate than any other initiative. (Matt. 18:12-14; 28:18-20)

  • There is no better way to release new leaders. A new site creates all kinds of new opportunities for people. (Ephesians 4:11-13; 2 Timothy 2:2)

  • Risk is healthy and helps us grow. At Cornerstone, we value intentional risk that comes from a risk-taking faith. Impact isn't found inside our comfort zone. Launching a site is worth the risk. (Matthew 10:38-39; John 14:12-14)

PRAY that God would move in the church and in the region around Cokato.

PRAY for where God is calling you.




Contact the Cokato Site office at (320) 559-0265

Office Volunteers

Monday – Friday (business hours), 2 & 4 hr. shifts, schedule is flexible
CONTACT: Diana Larios,

Kids Ministry

Two Preschool teachers 9am & 10:30am services
Two 1st & 2nd grade teachers 10:30am services
Two Storytellers 9 & 10:30am services
Student helpers 9 &10:30am services
Substitute teachers 9 & 10:30am services
CONTACT: Rachel Franklin,

Student Ministry
Six Small Group Facilitators
Student Mentors
CONTACT: Heather Westby,; 

Set-up/Tear-down team
Set up team from 6-8:45am
Tear down team 11:30-1pm
Two ¾-ton truck drivers twice a month
Two ½-ton truck drivers twice a month
CONTACT: Tony Sylvers,; 

Worship Ministry
Two drummers, two male vocalists, and two bass guitar players
If you have any other vocal or instrumental abilities or talents, please contact us to audition!
CONTACT: Tony Sylvers,; 

Guest Services
Ushers (four every Sunday), Greeters (four every Sunday)
Two Connection Center volunteers
Six Café volunteers
Ten Treat ministry volunteers
Six Ushers, Six Greeters
CONTACT: Heather Westby,; 

Frequently asked questions

When is the new site launching? 

  • September 16, 2018, with two identical worship services, and simultaneous kids programming at 9 AM & 10:30 AM.

Where will we meet?

  • Cornerstone groups meet almost every day of the week in communities all around the Dassel-Cokato area to study the Bible, pray, and hang out.

  • On Sundays, we’ll gather for worship at Cokato Elementary School, located at 200 5th St SW in Cokato, MN. Main entrance Door D.

Who will lead the church?

  • Paul Jorgensen is the lead pastor of Cornerstone Church. We are one church that meets in multiple locations. The site team will be led by:

    • Rachel Franklin – Kids Director |

    • Diana Larios – Office Manager & Multi-Cultural |

    • Tony Sylvers – Worship Coordinator |

    • Heather Westby – Site Director |

Will there be Wednesday night services? 

  • No. That night will be open for groups.

How will the Cokato site be like the Litchfield site?

  • The overall experience will be the same: same worship songs, same sermon, same coffee, same guest services experience, same media, same kids programming, same crafts, same games, same…you get the picture.

  • Both sites will be characterized by a group of people wanting to love God and each other…a group of people glad to be there, open to the Spirit of God who gives purpose and life, and wanting to give God our best through fun and Biblical kids programming, great music, focused prayers, and life-giving Bible teaching. The difference will be in the location where services are held and the awesome people who attend and serve at each site—which will bring a unique chemistry and dynamic to each individual site. Everything else will be the same.

Will the teaching be live or video?

  • Both. The teaching at all Cornerstone sites will have the same content and will help us be on mission together and grow together.

  • Sometimes the teaching will be communicated in person and sometimes via video. The sermon that one site hears in person will be heard by the other site via video. The teaching pastor, usually Paul Jorgensen, will be in Cokato half the time and in Litchfield half the time. The location of live teaching will be determined on a week by week basis.

What is multi-site?

  • Multi-site is a kind of church multiplication. A multi-site church is one church who meets in multiple locations sharing the same vision, budget, staff, and leadership team.

  • Multi-site brings together the best aspects of both more established and newer churches. New churches grow faster and create new energy and innovation. Multi-site fosters new growth while also building on systems, processes, and resources of the more established church family.

Why not simply plant a church?

  • We are! Every time a group starts, a new mini-church starts. Groups are a mini-church within a larger site team within the larger Cornerstone family within the worldwide body of Christ.

  • Traditional church planting is in some ways significantly more complicated than multi-site. New church plants are expected to become operationally self-sufficient right out of the gate. This can jeopardize a focus on mission. Our approach to multi-site involves sharing resources such as staff, website, communications, curriculum, creative worship content, etc.